Our Healthcare Professional product lines, StatSeal and WoundSeal MD, are improving lives and quality of care in the hospital and office-based physician settings.













mg电子游戏Bleeding wounds can be a problem and occasionally disrupt your life. Now you can control bleeding wherever you are!











Occupational First Aid

Occupational First Aid

mg电子游戏Bleeding injuries cost more than you think. WoundSeal helps workers get back to work quickly, reducing employee downtime.











Sports Professionals

mg电子游戏Thousands of Athletic Trainers use WoundSeal to help keep their athletes in the game. It allows for quick treatment of bloody noses, gashed foreheads and other bleeding wounds that might keep an athlete on the bench.












  • mg电子游戏"Who ever invented WoundSeal deserves an award, your product saved my foot!"  Maxine has diabetes and has had in the past a very serious Diabetic Ulcer on her foot.  "Even the hospital couldn't fix it. I found WoundSeal in the first aid aisle at my local pharmacy and thought to give it a try.  Your WoundSeal product closed up my ulcer, saved my life.”

    - Maxine
  • mg电子游戏The head of a screw tore an inch long,1/2 in wide gash in palm of my hand.  I used your product and was amazed!  No trip to emergency room, no missed time at work.I'm spreading the word. Thank you!

    - Patrick Taylor
  • This is an excellent product for all bicycle riders!

    - E. Stine
  • I work in a coagulation clinic and had a pt come in bleeding from a puncture wound he got from a cat bite. It had been bleeding even though he had been holding pressure. We sprinkled some of the powder on and at first he continued to bleed. We had him wipe off the new blood and apply pressure after sprinkling on more powder and the bleeding stopped.

    - Noreen Keith, RN
  • mg电子游戏One particular patient typically bleeds for 2-3 hours after his dialysis treatment. With WoundSeal it took only 2 minutes on one site to stop the bleed and 5 min on the arterial site. He said we saved him a hospital visit!

    - C. Campbell, RN, Ohio